My name is Michael Galgano, I own Location and Recovery Service, Inc. I personally oversee all the day to day operations of my investigators. We, at Location and Recovery Service, Inc. believe in the highest quality of work and excellence.


I have consulted and developed skip tracing, asset locating and judgment recovery departments in financial institutions, collection agencies and law firms. I have over 40 years in the industry. We do Nationwide searches for private investigators, law firms, collection agencies and judgment enforcers. 

We find hidden assets.

Let us find their assets & assist with recovery.

Recover your judgment  

Almost 80% of all judgments are never collected.

Now is the time.

The quicker you move on bad debt the better.


All information collected is kept private.

Find Assets Nationwide - Nationwide Judgment Recovery - Find Bank Accounts Nationwide
Quick Decisive Action!

We start work on your account as soon as it is placed with us and we will provide you with immediate feedback once we have uncovered any assets. The quicker you act, the better are your chances of recovery.

We have done work for companies in every industry including:  consumer, retail, commercial, legal services, judgment enforcement and more.